ID Week 2 - Wireframes

For a graphic designer like myself, wire frames are always an interesting animal. My normal process is to sketch in really low detail a concept, and refine it through a few drafts and then move to the computer to flesh out the design in a more meaningful way.  Its almost like an experiment that way.  Things that are working are improved and things that are not are scrapped.  So the process for designing everything is similar in many ways to the concept of creating a wire frame.  

As I move forward with wire frames it's always a temptation to skip forward with the design and start committing myself to a design before I should.  In graphic design, as long as it looks good, there isn't really a down side to doing this.  In contrast in the arena of interactive design jumping ahead before it's time can become a serious headache with hours of rework and fixes that spiral on and on.  It's just a good reminder to take each step in the proper order and be patient. Something I admit is not my strength.