Understanding Eye Tracking Output and Critique of Eye Tracking Tasks

This weeks assignment was a continuation of last week.  We continued analyzing the eye tracking videos and wrote a report on our findings.  I also turned in my selling usability email.  

I feel like the eye tracking critique was a helpful assignment, particularly where it came to thinking through why we use eye tracking as opposed to other methods for usability tests.  I hadn't thought through that particular line of reasoning before. I also found myself asking how much we can really trust eye tracking data.  

I think that understanding where a user is looking is valuable in helping you understand what they are seeing, but it seems like there is some tension between knowing what they see, and knowing how they react to what they see.  Since eye tracking tasks differ from regular usability tasks, and you can't do both as effectively together, there is a definite give and take when choosing which types of tasks to assign the users.