Mobile Usability Study

Adding mobile to the process of designing a usability study adds a lot of complexity to the process.  There were so many different types of solutions available, some of which were only available for one device.  Of the options presented, I was most drawn to UXRecorder.  However, since it only works for Apple devices it was a non-starter.  It's too bad they haven't expanded it to allow for Android testing, as I think it has a lot of potential.

As it is I'm structuring my test around a Tobii mobile device stand. It just seemed to be the most comprehensive solution to what I need.  If I were unable to do use this, which in the real world is a scenario that is very likely to play out, I would basically try to recreate this setup using some other equipment, such as some go pro cameras and whatever screen sharing applications that I could find.  There's definitely no easy solution with the currently technology solutions available.