Ethnio vs Mechanical Turk

Where do I start with this assignment?  I guess the first thing is that the idea of using Mechanical Turk as a method of recruitment tool for finding participants in a usability study was like looking at an image that seemed abstract and then realizing that you were looking at it upside down.  I spent a good deal of time laboring through the MT page trying to understand just what their lingo, methods, and purposes were.  To say the least I was not impressed.

While it's inevitable that Ethnio is not a perfect system, as no program ever is, it does seem to be purpose built for usability studies.  MT on the other hand seems more about getting people to perform menial work, and just happens to think that somehow usability testing falls into this category.  While I think I can faintly make out how you could possibly use it for testing, I don't think it would achieve the best results.

Having said that, I do feel it was a valuable exercise to take a step back and consider whether the ways methods of recruitment I had considered were effective.