Usability Final Report

Whew! That was more work than I initially gave it credit for.  I thought I had an idea of what would be involved in reviewing the sessions and gathering all of the data out of them.  I was wrong.  It was much more intensive than I gave it credit for.  I probably spent almost as much time just reviewing the moderating sessions as I expected to spend on the entirety of the project. I have a new respect for what a usability professional does. 

One of the things that most stood out to me was how difficult it actually is to draw conclusions from what you see in a usability study.  I guess I thought more things would be obviously wrong.  Perhaps this impression originated with the readings we did which simplify things a bit to make them understandable.  It seemed like everything the authors talked about was pretty straight forward and logical.  And yet, after viewing each of the videos I found myself asking, now what?I'm sure they did give warnings about it and maybe I just glossed over the parts where they said it. But now, after finishing the project, 

I think the thing that I am most sure of, is that I have a good deal of room for improvement in this area.  Which I suppose should be expected since I'm just getting started.  Still, it's a little daunting.