Screener and Tasks

Writing a screener and task lists sounds like a pretty straightforward job.  Upon starting it though, I immediately realized that it was much tougher than I gave it credit for. I struggled to come up with appropriate questions to ask the participants in the screening section of the assignment.  I found that I wasn't really sure what to ask at first, or the best order to put the in once I came up with them. 

As for the tasks, I also found this challenging. Once I know what I want to say, I'm usually alright at finding an intelligible way of relaying that information whether written or visually. But understanding how to communicate and move a participant through the site, guiding them to perform relevant tasks to reveal usability issues, while not asking leading questions left me feeling like I couldn't express what I wanted adequately.  

Translating the expectations of the client and their objectives into a list of screening questions and tasks made me think a lot more about how this whole process of UXD works and areas that I'm going to need to get better at before I get my first UX job.