Summative vs Formative - Week 2

For my assignment this week I really went back and forth on which way I wanted to communicate the information.  I considered a standard report and an infographic, and eventually decided to do a bit of a hybrid approach..  Hopefully this method allowed me to communicate the information in a more complete way than either of the other ways would have allowed.  

It was an interesting week, in part due to the content.  I hadn't really considered that there was more than one type of usability test and that they might have different purposes.  Then again, I am very new to this so I have a lot to learn.  It was also interesting because of personal reasons.  Our family made the drive down to Mesquite Nevada for a soccer tournament.  Three days of sun, swimming, and soccer games.  The boys, whom I used to coach, did really well.  They finished unbeaten with three wins and a tie.  All in all, a pretty good week.