KSU Site Redesign


The Problem

The scenario for this project was that the UX program coordinators the rest of the school in which it resides.  Our task was to design a page that worked for students in the program.  The project began with competitive analysis and ended with low fidelity wire-frames. 


After conducting a competitive analysis between KSU's UX program and several other design schools, the next step was to create a concept map for the new site. 


My initial sketch proved to lack some of the process that students would need.  A later sketch displays a more accurate portrayal of the needs of the system.

After developing a more solid understand of how the user might interact with the different parts of the site via the concept map, I next moved on to creating a site map. 


Next process flows for the site were developed to allow us to understand how students would typically interact with the site over the course of their degree at Kent State.

Process Flow for KSU UX site. 

Process Flow for KSU UX site. 

Finally, I created medium fidelity wireframes of how the site might work.




While this project was a theoretical exercise, it did have allow me to work through the process of understanding how to create a site from the ground up with the emphasis squarely on end user.