Independence University Web Redesign

As a leader for the website redesign project, I pushed for a user centered design process.  Below I've documented portions of the process that we followed in order to improve the 4 college websites that we needed to address as part of the process.


User Personas

CEHE had a lot of good user research already in place. This was a huge benefit for the project as the information needed to create user personas was just a short dive into the data away. Given the multiple schools and locations involved, we ended up with 11 total personas.


Opportunity Workshop

The opportunity workshop we held brought the various team members together to talk about what we already knew about the website and capture all of that information.  We talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the current site, and determined opportunites for the new site as well as prioritized those opportunitites.


User Journeys

Utilizing the user personas created in previous steps, we created user journeys to help us understand what steps potential students would be likely to engage in on their path towards enrollment as a student.

IU Home.jpg

Independence University Mobile Experience

Utilizing the information gleaned through all the steps in the UX process, I designed the mobile experience for the new IU website including one step access for the three primary items that users were looking for when they accessed the website:

  • Degree Programs

  • Tuition Information

  • Apply Form

In addition we provided the ability for the user to call or text from the main menu and immediately access the call center where their questions could be answered.

The remainder of the menu was located in under the ‘More’ button as research indicated that these pages were less significant for our main demographics. Still, it was important to make them accessible through a menu system.


The mobile experience has produced high conversion rates. The of overall conversion rate for the mobile experience for the site has hovered around 6.5% with higher quality traffic type conversion rates ranging from 7.74% - 9.2%.

IU Mobile_Page_002.jpg