Bullfrog Spas Customer Research Study

The Problem

Bullfrog Spas is a hot tub manufacturer where I work.  We design and build high end hot tubs and are becoming a leader in the market.  One of the interesting things about the hot tub market is the scant amount of research that has been done.  When I got the opportunity to do some customer and user experience research as part of my position, I jumped at the chance.  Since we were starting with very little concrete information, we wanted to get some hard data to confirm or refute the large amount of anecdotal evidence that the industry has relied on when making decisions about the product.  We really needed to understand why people buy spas, what causes them to get into the market, and what they did or didn't enjoy about the experience of purchasing a spa. 


I conducted two types of research for this project.  The quantitative portion was an online survey of individuals who had purchased, or considered the purchase of a Bullfrog Spa.  The survey was conducted with 924 participants and covered preferences in spas, satisfaction with the sales experience, and desired features.  


The second part of the study was an online interview with Bullfrog customers.  Five total persons were interviewed and their experiences recorded.  The information from the study was deconstructed, manipulated, and summarized and the results reported. 

I was very fussy about it. What colors I wanted, what colors I didn’t want. He had colors in the show room so I could physically see them.


The study resulted in a significant amount of data for Bullfrog to digest.  Key findings included the perception that spas are difficult to maintain was one of the biggest hurdles for people considering a spa purchase.  It was previously thought of as a concern, but not necessarily as one of the top concerns. Bullfrog is now considering ways to  improve how maintenance is performed with emphasis on simplifying and reducing required maintenance.  While this process is not yet complete, I am confident that a simplified maintenance regimen will be a significant strategic advantage for Bullfrog going forward.