Two Sentence Horror April 12th

The shackles anchored his left foot securely to the floor as he floated in the deep pool that was slowly filling, the water already reaching nearly to his chin. Water cascaded from the cloud filled sky in heavy sheets, he had only moments before the water was deeper than the chain was long.

Two Sentence Horror - March 7th

Every blog needs regular content that readers can expect.  I've introduced book reviews and will continue doing as many as I can get through, but that's necessarily restricted by the amount of books that I can find time to read.  As a result, I'll be introducing a few different post types over the next few months with the intent of them being regular posts. Since I'm now reading Brandon Sanderson's one thousand plus page behemoth, Words of Radiance, it may be a while before I get around to another review.  So the timing is perfect to get started with some other content.  With that in mind, I'm introducing a new series, Two Sentence Horror.  The rules are as follows.  It must be horror related, and it must be no more and no less than two sentences.  Simple right?

I see this more of an exercise in brain storming, rather than writing per se.  However, I will make an effort to make the stories as engaging as possible.

I kicked off from the wall, driving my arms and legs in powerful strokes towards the dimming light at the far edge of the pool.  My lungs started to burn as a deep darkness fell with the soft thump of the pool cover sealing above my head.