Under an Evil Moon Periodic Update

Just a quick update in terms of what I’m working on. As noted in my post on April 9th I’m working on a novel, well a series really, under the working title of ‘Under an Evil Moon.’ I have a pretty solid outline for book one, and a rough plan of what happens in the following books, but there are areas that may still change. I’ve currently written a preface, a flashback that will likely end up in the series but I’m not sure where yet, and 5 full chapters. I have two more chapters that I’m working on currently and so far it stands at 26,834 words. I was surprised by how much I’ve written so far considering how early in the book I still am!

Even more surprising to me is that if I include all the background information that I’ve compiled the number comes up at 88,574. So I’ve already written enough words for a novel, now I just need to have the right words in the right places, oh and figure out how to have the whole thing make sense and be interesting! I spent the last week in Philly at a conference and that means I got nothing done, this week will be a busy one as well but I hope to finish the two chapters I’m working on and at least get a start on another one. Wish me luck.